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Almost inconceivably innocent, she fell in love with the most outrageous member of the entire group, Hamish St. Amoral, flamboyant, a heavy drinker, the narcissistic Hamish was incapable of returning any affection, particularly that of a woman. Nancy tried to laugh off his bad behavior.

Evelyn is always so full of sound common sense.

The saddest paradox in the story of this contradictory woman was the fact that while she glorified romantic love above all other emotions, she was able to give her own love only to men who were patently incapable of returning it. There were two great loves in her life—three if one counts her husband—and she could hardly have found three unworthier objects of the unswerving devotion it was in her nature to lavish. Her misery over the affair with Hamish, and later over the more serious one with Gaston Palewski, was real enough; but her knee-jerk habit was always to make a joke of her unhappiness.

After a temporary split with Hamish:. The affair ended definitively in Nancy was approaching thirty, eager for marriage and independence, and when Peter Rodd proposed, almost jokingly, soon after Hamish jilted her, she took him up on it.

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In Perpignan, Nancy unexpectedly discovered that she had a political conscience. She had always been understandably wary of political enthusiasm, seeing the terrible rifts it had caused in her own family. But Nancy ceased to find anything to joke about after her experience with the refugees. Her passion would endure for the rest of her life. She moved to Paris to be near the Colonel, and from that moment forth France came to represent to her warmth, romance, and beauty, England ugliness, cold, and her unhappy youth.

I see all through rose coloured spectacles!

Her one idea was to be available for Palewski during the rare moments he could spare from his political obligations and his myriad amours. Prod, long unfaithful to Nancy himself, now got short shrift. Largely inspired by her love for him, she wrote The Pursuit of Love with unprecedented ease in , following it with Love in a Cold Climate and The Blessing These are widely agreed to be her best novels, far surpassing the four extremely lightweight prewar books.

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  • During these years she also wrote her very popular historical works, Madame de Pompadour , Voltaire in Love , The Sun King , and Frederick the Great She quizzed him at length on the plot and technique of the superbly funny Love in a Cold Climate , though she followed his advice only selectively, since she was nothing if not realistic about her own gifts. View all newsletter.

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    Christmas Pudding Nancy Mitford Make a loved one smile with this classic Christmas read - a perfect stocking filler 'Christmas Day was organized by Lady Bobbin with the thoroughness and attention to detail of a general leading his army into battle. Buy from. The Pursuit of Love Nancy Mitford. The Complete Novels Nancy Mitford.

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    Don't Tell Alfred Nancy Mitford. The Blessing Nancy Mitford. Love in a Cold Climate Nancy Mitford.

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