Mindfulness Among Students: The Impact of Faculty and Demography in Malaysia

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However, the scientific literature provides surprisingly few studies on this topic. The main goal of this project is to discover new and empirically proven methods of promoting truth-telling in young Singaporean children. The goal is to use big data to predict citizen characteristics such as decision-making style. Co-led by Associate Professor Bussarawan Puk Teerawichitchainan, VHAS provides a unique resource for investigating mechanisms of association between diverse exposures to armed conflict during the Vietnam War and multiple dimensions of health and wellbeing among older adults.

Uniquely stressful, war punctuates the life course of many millions worldwide. Research in the developed world demonstrates that veterans and war refugees face heightened risks of physical and mental health problems. In developing countries like Vietnam where population aging and chronic disease burdens are rapidly rising, the older-aged populations have seen a disproportionate share of armed conflict and related casualties. Yet, enduring impacts of war and military service in developing settings remain greatly understudied.

Stress management in dental students: a systematic review

The VHAS aims to provide a unique, publicly available dataset for analysis of the long-term implications of war and trauma exposure for old-age health and aging processes. The VHAS has a longitudinal design. The first wave of data collection conducted in among 2, adults at 60 and older. A second wave of follow-up data collection is scheduled to take place in Both waves of data collection include face-to-face interviews and biomarker measurement. Stages of Family in the Making in Singapore from Antenatal to Postnatal Period This project attempts to identify crucial elements of successful transition from the antenatal to the postnatal period that could lead to healthy family functioning.

Dynamic Models of Transitions in the Indonesian Labour and Marriage Markets This project will estimate dynamic models of the labour and marriage markets for Indonesia. Family Dynamics in the Development of Behavioural Addiction in Singaporean Youth This study adopts a family-based approach in understanding the association between family dynamics and behavioural addiction of adolescents in Singapore. The Impact of Schooling Type on Student Achievement in Dhaka This project has two goals; the first of which is to estimate the impact of an important new type of schooling instruction in the slums of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, using a cross-sectional data set that the PI and his student have collected.

Translation of Tools for Demographic Estimation: a Joint Project between IUSSP and CFPR Although increasing data availability from new censuses, vital registrations, and surveys have reshaped the discipline of demography in last few decades, data accuracy and completeness remain questionable in most developing countries, including China. Effects of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction on Emotion and Cognitive Functioning among Singaporean Elderly Mindfulness-based interventions have been shown to improve emotional well-being as well as cognitive functioning among the elderly.

Pdf Mindfulness Among Students The Impact Of Faculty And Demography In Malaysia

Relationships between Childhood Bilingualism and Early Word Learning The proposed research endeavors to expand the evidence basis in child development to incorporate multilingual children and in doing so, to lay a foundation for a larger research program that could inform theory, practice - and potentially policy - on the early influences of multilingualism on the developing child.

Marriage Property Law and Household Behavior: Evidence from Quasi-experiment in China This project aims to study the effect of the Chinese divorce law reform on household behavior and suggests a mechanism to explain the findings. Tablet Use of Pre-schoolers: Family Dynamics, Parenting Practices and Mediation Strategies This study will examine parental perceptions of mobile devices in families with children of pre-school age. Population Ageing, Old Age Labour and Financial Decisions in Singapore This project looks at the existence of bequest motives in Singapore, understand the reasons and determinants for having such, and examines the availability of annuities on labor force participation of the elderly.

Caring for Frail Seniors in the Community: A Solution-based Approach This proposed project focusing on the caregiving of frail seniors in the community aims to contribute towards our understanding and efforts towards the provision of better eldercare in the community in Singapore context. Southeast Asian Family Dynamic Study This project investigates the trends and patterns of family change in Southeast Asia for the past 50 years.

A Surface Brain-Image Study on Family and Neuro-correlates of Behavioral Addiction among Depressed and Non-depressed Adults Given that we reside in a fast-paced society where our mental health may be easily compromised, increasing research has been focusing on behavioral addiction BA as it has been known to be closely related to poor mental health outcomes. A significant statistical difference was evident between women and men in the overall DREEM score with the females scored higher than males this information were in line with previous studies from Australia Brown et al.

A plausible explanation is that: females perception of the curriculum, goals, and structure are more positive than their males counterparts. Previous literature Mohd Said et al. In the present study, no significant statistical difference was observed between students with the Excellent A score and those with the average rating C regarding the DREEM score in similarity to Al-Ansari et al. One explanation of the result is that the perception of the environment may ultimately differ at the time of the survey and the time of the examination whose GPA was reported by the students.

The academic environment perception is different in a changing environment like curriculum reforms, so the DREEM score can be used as a measure in a dynamic environment and not be used as a constant construct by relating it to CGPA accumulated over more than one semester.

Mindfulness Among Students

The students in this study prefer the deep approach of learning instead of the superficial approach similar to Mirghani et al. The current data showed that the fifth year medical students score more than the fourth students in line with the previous observation. The deep approach to learning is associated with better academic performance Ward , in the present study, no significant statistical difference was observed among medical students with excellent and average performance this can be partly explained by the small size of our study. The present data showed that females prefer the deep approach to learning with a significant statistical difference in contradiction to Wickramasinghe et al.

The clinical phase medical students perceived the academic environment more positive than negative special women, the students used the deep approach learning.

Women used the superficial approach less than men; larger multi-center longitudinal studies are needed. The study limitations are the small size of the study sample, the reliance on a self-administered questionnaire, and the study was conducted in a single faculty. Assistant Prof. Predicting academic performance of dental student using perception of educational environment. J Dent Educ. Mar;79 3 Al-Qahtani MF Associations between approaches to study, the learning environment, and academic achievement.

Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences;10 1 Students' perceptions of the academic learning environment in seven medical sciences courses based on DREEM. Adv Med EducPract. Mar 23; Barcelo JM J EducEval Health Prof. Sep Perception of the educational environment by medical students undergoing a curricular transition in Kuwait. Med PrincPract. The Australian DREEM: evaluating student perceptions of academic learning environments within eight health science courses. Int J Med Educ.

Jul-Aug;44 4 Comparing the educational environment as measured by DREEM at two different stages of curriculum reform. Med Teach. Fahal AH Medical education in the Sudan: its strengths and weaknesses. Nov;29 9 BMC Med Educ. Bonham Learning style use; in need of perspective. Lifelong Learn, 11 5 pp. The educational environment and self—perceived clinical competence of senior medical students in a Malaysian medical school.

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    Educ Health Abingdon. Jan-Apr;27 1 Malays J Med Sci. J Family Community Med. Jan-Apr; 19 1 : 33— Roff S A global diagnostic tool for measuring educational environment: comparing Nigeria and Nepal. Lacking self-confidence will push them into taking the lead from others and result in undesirable actions.

    The Solution to Education Inequity in Malaysia - Abel Cheah - TEDxINTISubang

    Regardless of the consequences of their life decisions, the students felt that early intervention on responsibility toward their own actions would be greatly beneficial to school children and college students. The students felt that the scope on rehabilitative treatment information could be widened. Information on available treatment services, treatment approaches, and how to seek help should be publicized so that family members and friends of drug users could provide help where needed.

    In addition, the students viewed a strong support network with non-judgmental support and advice from health professionals to be important in encouraging young drug users to seek help. The role of family support during and after drug rehab treatment also requires greater emphasis. It was suggested that confidential one-to-one counseling sessions should be made easily available to students so that root problems to stress issues can be resolved. As drugs provide only a temporary escape, facing the issue directly and working it out with a counselor could help find an alternative solution with longer-lasting effects.

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    • Get to know the root of their problems and make them understand why drugs is bad for them. Teachers have an important role in prevention efforts. As the students perceive teachers as role models that primary school children look up to, teachers can educate them about how to solve problems, choosing the right friends, identifying the different types of drugs, and the danger of using drugs. Based on their past experience, the students were aware that some secondary school students tend to assume that they know it all about drugs and may not give their full focus toward health programs conducted by external facilitators.

      Thus, it was suggested that teachers who have a good rapport with students work closely with this group of students to provide a greater impact. In addition, the organization of open forums and debates on how to prevent drug use and what schools can do to promote drug-free lifestyles, was proposed with the cooperation of parents, teachers, and students. Besides teachers, parents play a pivotal role in educating their children about drugs. The students generally felt that it would be beneficial to have parental input on how drug abuse cases i.

      In addition, clearer guidelines on how parents should explain about drugs were needed as most parents may not be as well-versed on this issue too. Similarly, the students felt that the society should have a greater role in drug prevention by ensuring that information on prevention strategies is spread throughout their respective communities. Community and youth leaders should also be well-educated on the topic of drug abuse and be available as a source of advice for troubled members within their community.

      While external regulators may conduct the programs in school, not many students actually absorb the information. Most secondary school students think they already know enough about drug abuse and prevention, and do not have the heart to focus for sessions of speeches given by facilitators they do not know. Thus, teachers whom students look up to would make the most impact. A change in the program focus was also proposed.

      Moreover, prevention activities should be conducted periodically using different approaches to reinforce their knowledge. An area that was often cited for improvement was the public health programs. In particular, it was suggested that programs widen the education scope to include other health and social issues that correlate with drug abuse such as domestic violence and sex education.

      In addition, the programs should be tailored to address drug use trends such as how to avoid being duped into using drugs unknowingly.

      Mindfulness Among Students: The Impact of Faculty and Demography in Malaysia
      Mindfulness Among Students: The Impact of Faculty and Demography in Malaysia
      Mindfulness Among Students: The Impact of Faculty and Demography in Malaysia
      Mindfulness Among Students: The Impact of Faculty and Demography in Malaysia
      Mindfulness Among Students: The Impact of Faculty and Demography in Malaysia
      Mindfulness Among Students: The Impact of Faculty and Demography in Malaysia
      Mindfulness Among Students: The Impact of Faculty and Demography in Malaysia
      Mindfulness Among Students: The Impact of Faculty and Demography in Malaysia

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