History and Theory in Anthropology

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Download course information. Our aim is to look at theory formation as part of a continuous and historically situated debate on questions about the 'other', difference, identity, power, and representation. Learning outcomes: Knowledge and understanding. The student has acquired knowledge and understanding of: 1 the history of the most important theoretical strands in the anthropological discipline; 2 the most important research fields, theories, concepts and debates in anthropology. The student has acquired the competences to: 3 critically assess and compare various theories, and apply them to societal issues Making judgements.

Major Theorists

This course will review and discuss classic and new papers from anthropology, biology, economics, political science, and psychology. Issues to be explored include widespread pro-social behavior among humans, living in small vs. Advanced introduction to anthropological contributions to design thinking, and the reciprocal impact of design thinking on the practice of anthropology. Exploration of the principles and practices of participatory design, interaction design, user-centered design, and behavior-centered design.

Advanced introduction to the ethnographic tradition in anthropology, and its adaptation for applications outside academia. Special emphasis is given to the role of ethnography in user experience research, and the place of user experience in design thinking. Includes practical exercises and training in ethical practices. Explores contemporary ethnographic studies of the cultural impact of emerging digital technologies on multiple dimensions of social life, from the future of work to shopping and leisure, from political life to private experience.


Considers influences on design decisions, and how those decisions impact the human condition. Six weeks on-site field training in the archaeological techniques of site reconnaissance and excavation. Focus placed on the observation, recoding, and recovery of field data. Instruction includes preliminary laboratory processing and artifact analysis. Special fee required for room and board. Philosophical and theoretical issues in anthropology. Developments in methodology and technical advances in anthropological research.

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Jenny Edkins. Robert Nola. Chris Jenks. Towards a critique of Foucault. Mike Gane. The Sociological Revolution. Richard Kilminster. Power and Politics in Poststructuralist Thought.

Anthropology in Credo: Schools of Thought & Theorists

Saul Newman. Daniel Chernilo. Nigel Rapport. Contemporary Feminist Utopianism. Lucy Sargisson. Truth, Politics, Morality. Cheryl Misak. Feminist Challenges. Carole Pateman. Eurocentrism: a marxian critical realist critique. Nick Hostettler. Theorizing Culture. Barbara Adam. The Structure of Social Theory. Anthony King. New Trends in Development Theory.

Peter Preston. On Ideology. Michel Foucault. Dr Lynn Fendler. Politics and Social Insight Routledge Revivals. Francis Castles. Emile Durkheim. Prof Kenneth Thompson. A Passage to Anthropology. Kirsten Hastrup. Philology and Global English Studies. Suman Gupta. Reclaiming a Scientific Anthropology.

Anthropology optional for IAS - Theories of Human evolution part 1 - Evolutionism - UPSC/IAS

Lawrence A. Madan Sarup. Morality and Modernity. Ross Poole. Human Rights and Constituent Power. Illan rua Wall. Simon Critchley. Foucault and the Political.

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Jonathan Simons. Anthropology, by Comparison.

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Richard G. Conflicts in Social Science. Anton Van Harskamp. Re-Grounding Cosmopolitanism. Tamara Caraus. Key Concepts in Cultural Studies. Maja Mikula.

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  • Critical And Effective Histories. Mitchell Dean.

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    Postcolonial Literatures and Deleuze. Mark Olssen. Themes in Geographic Thought Routledge Revivals. Milton E. Genealogies for the Present in Cultural Anthropology. Bruce M.

    History and Theory in Anthropology History and Theory in Anthropology
    History and Theory in Anthropology History and Theory in Anthropology
    History and Theory in Anthropology History and Theory in Anthropology
    History and Theory in Anthropology History and Theory in Anthropology
    History and Theory in Anthropology History and Theory in Anthropology
    History and Theory in Anthropology History and Theory in Anthropology

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