Garden of Shadows (Dollanganger, Book 5)

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Garden of Shadows (Dollanganger #5)

He stood so straight and still, his shoulders drawn back, his head high. There was a calculating look in his eyes, as if he were sizing me up unawares, but I didn't know what to make of it. My heart began to thump so loudly, I thought he might even hear it across the room. He wanted to take me out walking! I could see he liked the way I came to a quick decision. I didn't try to flutter my eyelashes or act uncertain to tease him with my answer. I wanted to go for a walk and I wanted very much to go for a walk with him.

If I had a hope that what appeared to be his interest in me would flower, I was going to be just who I was. Malcolm was waiting at the front door when I returned. Philip had gotten him his overcoat and stood beside him waiting to open the door.


I wondered where my father was and if this was something he might have arranged. But even though I knew Malcolm only a short while, I believed he was not a man to do something he didn't want to do.

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  • When Philip opened the front door, I caught a look of satisfaction in his eyes. He approved of this gentleman. Malcolm took my arm and escorted me down the six front steps. Both of us were quiet as we proceeded down the walkway until we reached the front gate. Malcolm opened the gate and stepped back to permit me to pass through first. It was a cool April evening, with just a hint of spring in the air.

    Garden of Shadows (Dollanganger Series #5)

    The trees by the gate still reached into the sky with bare gray arms, but their arms were softened by hundreds of tiny buds about to spring to life. Yet winter's chill still hung in the air, still hung in me. For a crazy moment I wished to turn to Malcolm and bury myself in his arms, something I'd certainly never done with a man, not even my father. I determinedly walked ahead and pointed toward the river. It was always a fantasy of mine to walk along the banks of the river on a spring evening with a man who was falling in love with me.

    I was a blur of emotion -- so many hopes and fears, confusion, frightening feelings moving through my body, I felt dizzy. But I couldn't let Malcolm see my agitation, so I kept my bearing straight, my head high as we walked. The lights of the ships moved up and down with their cargo. On a night as dark as that one was, the lights on the water in the distance looked like fireflies caught in cobwebs. I won't insult your intelligence and tell you that you're beautiful; but you are extremely attractive and it's quite apparent that you have an extraordinary mind.

    How is it no man has captured you yet?

    Petals on the Wind (Dollanganger Series #2): BOOKWORM REVIEW

    He laughed. Well, Miss Winfield," he said, "if you must know, I find most women today tedious with their effort to be beguiling. A man who is serious about his life, who is determined to build something significant of himself and his family, must, it seems to me, avoid this type. I couldn't see precisely, of course, but I felt he blushed. I've been too occupied with my business. From what your father tells me and from what I can observe, you are a serious-minded person, pragmatic and diligent.

    You appreciate the business world already, and therefore you are already head and shoulders above most women in this country today. I nearly bit my lip. I wasn't going to express my controversial opinions, but the words just seemed to form on my lips by themselves. Maybe," he said quickly.

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    And you know," he said, taking my elbow gently and turning me so we would walk on, "we have other things in common as well. We both lost our mothers at an early age. Your father explained your circumstances," he added quickly, "so I hope you don't feel I'm intruding. You lost your mother at an early age?

    Hardback Editions

    Or should I say, the tougher. We walked on that night. I listened to him talk about his various enterprises. We had a little discussion about the upcoming presidential elections and he was surprised at how informed I was about the candidates vying for the Republican and Democratic nominations. I was sorry when we reached my house so soon, but then I thought, at least I had my walk with a handsome young man. I thought it would be left at that. But at the doorway he asked if he could call again.

    A man wanted to hear me talk, wanted to know my thoughts?

    Garden of Shadows (Dollanganger, Book 5) Garden of Shadows (Dollanganger, Book 5)
    Garden of Shadows (Dollanganger, Book 5) Garden of Shadows (Dollanganger, Book 5)
    Garden of Shadows (Dollanganger, Book 5) Garden of Shadows (Dollanganger, Book 5)
    Garden of Shadows (Dollanganger, Book 5) Garden of Shadows (Dollanganger, Book 5)
    Garden of Shadows (Dollanganger, Book 5) Garden of Shadows (Dollanganger, Book 5)

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